DeSantis On 60 Minutes: The Best Smear They Could Come Up With Is A Half Baked Conspiracy Theory

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis held a press conference at the state Capitol. This comes a day after the governor fired back at a 60 Minutes vaccine rollout investigation Tuesday during a press conference in Panama City.

RON DESANTIS: To assert as a matter of fact that Publix was rewarded with exclusive rights in Palm Peach County is something that even the dimmest bulb in the New York corporate media constellation would have been able to realize that is false. You literally take 10 minutes to make a few phone calls. 60 Minutes was in Florida for 3 months trying to dig up dirt. Jared and I were talking about it. They wanted to smear Florida, they wanted to smear our vaccination effort, they obviously wanted to smear me. They spent 3 months and the best they could come up with, is a half baked conspiracy theory that literally is readily debunked by talking to like two people. That means we did a good job, because if we had done a really bad job they would’ve actually had facts that they could’ve rely on try and do the hit piece. So no exclusivity, that was obvious, I said it in my press conference, they edited it out, and they refused to put it on the air, but they kept the lie on the air. That is intentional, that is malicious.