Atlanta Mayor Bottoms: Controversial Georgia Voting Law Is “Dangerous”

After the MLB decided to move its All-Star Game from Georgia in backlash against the state’s controversial voting law, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) issued an executive order that aims to counteract the legislation’s restrictions.

MAYOR KEISHA LANCE BOTTOMS: The most dangerous part of this bill, in my opinion, is the dialing back or giving to the state legislature control over the election process. In the midst of this 98-page bill, there are provisions that strip the Secretary of State of a position on the election board and it essentially gives oversight to the Republican-led state legislature. That’s not the way elections should be run, elections should not be run by legislature. They should be overseen by the Secretary of State in a fair manner and there are so many provisions in this bill, the dialing back of the window for asking for absentee ballots, you mentioned not being able to pass out water in line, there are a number of provisions in this bill that make it difficult for people to access the ballot.