Biden: “Until This Vaccine Is Available To The World… We’re Not Really Completely Safe”

President Joe Biden delivered the following message to the nation Tuesday afternoon: “Now is not the time to celebrate” the apparent waning of COVID-19. “This progress we have worked so hard to achieve can be reversed. Now is not the time to let down.”

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: Let me close with this. We’ve vaccinated more people than any other nation on Earth. The vaccines have proven to be safe and effective. That should give us real hope, but it could — we can’t let it make us complacent. Despite the progress we’re making as a nation, I want every American to know in no uncertain terms this fight isn’t over.

This progress we have worked so hard to achieve can be reversed. Now is not the time to let down. Now is not the time to celebrate. It’s time to do what we do best as a country, do our duty, our jobs, taking care of one another. We can and will do this, but we can’t let up now.

My hope is before the summer is over, I’m talking to you all about how we have even access to more vaccines than we need to take care of every American, and we’re helping other poor countries, countries around the world that don’t have the money, the time, the expertise.

Because until this vaccine is available to the world, and we’re beating back the virus in other countries, we’re not really completely safe.

So, we have made great progress. I’m still looking forward to the prospect that if we keep the pace we’re on, listen to one another, take the precautions I talked about, we’ll have an Independence Day on July 4th, as I defined about three weeks ago. I want an Independence Day, independence from COVID, so you’re able to get in the backyard with a small group of people, and celebrate Independence Day, because you’ve been vaccinated, because you’re safe, because you’re in the clear. May God bless you all and may God protect our troops.