Meghan McCain: Democrats Have To Reconcile Whether Or Not Race Is More Important Than Qualification

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain on Democratic Senators Tammy Duckworth and Mazie Hirono demand that President Joe Biden appoint more Asians: “I believe what makes America exceptional is the fact that we’re a meritocracy, that you can be anything. That you can come from anywhere and go and have success in any capacity. And I think the question Democrats have to reconcile with right now is whether or not race and gender are more important than qualification.”

McCain on the show’s Asian history: “Just to put a cap on this, The View is 25 years old next year. We’ve only had one Asian American host co-host this show. So does that mean that one of us should be leaving because there’s not enough representation? Is identity politics more important than the qualifications for the job? And I think that’s a question going forward that the progressive left is going to have to reconcile.”