Sunny Hostin: Media Talks Every Day About Cuomo Scandals, But Not Gov. “Death Sentence” De Santis In Florida

After a seventh accuser has come forward with sexual harassment allegations against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and his alleged cover-up of COVID death numbers in nursing homes has caused weeks of controversy, ABC’s “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin weighs in on why Republican governors in other states don’t get asked to resign:

SUNNY HOSTIN, ABC: You know, I think it’s interesting that we’re talking every week — it feels like practically every day — about Cuomo. Asking him to step down and asking him to resign without truly due process, without investigations, which are ongoing, having been held.

Yet we’re not talking at all about Governor “Death Sentence” [Ron DeSantis] in Florida. We’re not talking about Governor Abbott in Texas. We’re not talking about the South Dakota governor. We’re not talking about any of those governors in states that — I think it’s alleged in Florida that DeSantis has hidden numbers of the deaths there.

You know, we’re not talking about those issues, but we’re only hyper-focused at this point on Governor Cuomo. I think as members of the media, we need to examine that and examine why that is happening.

I’m just surprised that it just continues and continues and tense. There should be that kind of coverage across the board. There are important issues to be talking about. We know that there’s — the coronavirus is surging in Europe.

We’re typically a few weeks behind it.

We know that states like Florida and Texas have lifted the mask mandates there.

We know that people are rushing to establishments in Florida, Texas, South Dakota.

People are dying. We’re asking just Governor Cuomo to step down and questioning whether or not he can govern. It seems to me, the same rules should apply across the board.